About Us

Mom: Kim is a Chicago-area Social Media Mom of a teen and a tween boy. An active blogger, she is also the founder of MomImpact, which connects brands and bloggers for conversations and events.

After staying home with her children until the youngest started kindergarten, her career was in the toilet. But she put on her big girl panties, so to speak, and now she's a published freelance writer, experienced problogger, informative speaker, and savvy consultant whose clients have included Kleenex, Kenmore, LeapFrog, and ConAgra Foods and Subaru. Click to learn more about her.

Kim has been quoted in the New York Times, the Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, and other publications. She is active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amplify, and Posterous.

Dad: DH is a skilled writer who spends his days publishing technical manual and generally eschews the computer at night, though he's been known to write the occasional product review and other guest posts.